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What is alcoholism?

Initially I assumed everyone knew what alcoholism is. I soon realized the importance of basic alcoholism information.

You will want to know what causes it, what the physical symptoms are, how it is diagnosed, what alcoholism tests are available et cetera. If this is the case, and you do not have all the information, or you still have unanswered questions, you can visit the following pages to help you to learn more about this disease.

1.) What causes alcoholism?

2.) Physical symptoms of alcoholism.

3.) Diagnostic Tests for alcoholism.

You do not have to be an expert on alcoholism to learn how to deal with the disease and it's effects, but you need at least a basic understanding of alcoholism in order to comprehend what makes your alcoholic tick. Most likely you know, or think you know, everything there is to know about alcoholism, and it still does not bring you any closer to a solution to your problem.

However, if you understand the disease in general, you will soon learn to differentiate between actions and behaviors in your husband caused by his disease, and those that is the man himself.

On this note I want to tell you that it is quite common to hear an alcoholic's wife say that "he is not all bad, it mostly just when he is drinking" or "He sometimes is so good and kind and loving and it is THAT part of him that I'm in love with!"

In fact, it is quite possible to love and hate someone at the same time. Just ask any woman married to an alcoholic.

The good news is that you are probably married to two people. The loving, caring, sensitive man that you sometimes have... AND the absolute brute with no respect for anyone, (including himself) that completely sours your life.

It's good news because your husband will once again be the man your love, as soon as he gets well.

Please note that he will not be perfect, just better. Perfection is reserved for the afterlife, God, Jesus and Heaven. It so very often happens that an alcoholic's wife has unreasonable expectations of her husband, once he is sober. I'm specifically pointing this out so that you realize that your husband will still have some weaknesses and bad habits, that you will have to accept as being part of who he is as a person.

This is also why only one part of this website is dedicated to the why of alcoholism. The rest of it will focus on dealing with the disease, your marriage, your children, your alcoholic, your own physical health, and on retaining your sanity in the process.

Strategies to deal with your alcoholic

Living with an alcoholic

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