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Living with an alcoholic.

Toby Rice Drews says in her book "Getting them sober" that "living with an alcoholic is too much for most people."

Dr Phil said on one episode of his famous show that marriage to an alcoholic has a "zero percent" chance of success.

If these "learned" therapists say that, what are our (mine and yours) chances of coping with this?

These were my thoughts when I first learned this. Yes, it was difficult, and crazy, and taxing, and confusing, and hurtful. Living with an alcoholic is insane! But as you spend more time learning about this disease and learning how others deal with it, you will come to realize that your whole existence revolves around "your alcoholic".

I know, you spend your every waking moment, thinking, obsessing, crying, worrying, or stewing about him and whatever it was he did last.

This fact is the key to a calmer, more relaxed life. You need to start to let go of him and his drinking problem. You need to start to take care of yourself for a change. You are not crazy, but living with this disease called alcoholism is.

So how do you do it? I have to be honest. It is not easy. Often, the family of the alcoholic has been living with this problem for years. Behaviors are set, and a total mindset adjustment is often necessary to start making the changes that will set your mind free in the end.

I wish there was just one short answer. Unfortunately, there just aren't. In order to learn how to deal with the craziness, you will have to do a number of things.

You can not expect things to change overnight. You will have to work at it. You will have to become stronger and learn how to love yourself.

Only then can you learn how to live with your alcoholic.

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