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Is he really an alcoholic?

Is he really an alcoholic?

I'm not going to answer that question.  If fact, I have a question for you.  If your child passes out, and you can't revive him, are you going to stand there and say:

"Well, it can't be anything serious because he has never been DIAGNOSED with anything serious."

No!  Of course not!  You are going to call 911 or drive your child to the hospital yourself.  There, after reviving your child, you will probably learn that it was a diabetic coma, and that your child is (officially now) a diabetic.  If you did not act, your child would have died.

So what do you do in a situationlike that?  Do you get your child to hospital as soon aspossible for treatment, or do you wait for a confirmed diagnoses before acting?

Okay, so alcoholism is not life-threatening. (It could be, but we deal with that elsewhere.)  It does not require your immediate and instantattention to prevent loss of life.

Maybe to answer this question of whether or not your spouse is an alcoholic or not, weshould look at the "membership prerequisites" for the most popular and well-know institutions dealing with the family and children of an alcoholic, Al-anon.

Al-anon's single requirement to qualify for membership with them, is that you are troubled by someone's (you care about) drinking.  That's it.

Not how much this person is drinking or whether he assaults you when drunk!  Just that!

Does someone's drinking trouble you?

If your husband was a social drinker, his drinking would most likely not bother you, would it?  If no problems or issues arise from his using of alcohol, it would not trouble you, would it?  If nothing happens, and you all have a swell old time when he is drinking, then why are you even reading this?

Bottom line?  Stop worrying about whether or not he can be classified as an "alcoholic".  It doesn't matter.  What matters is that he is drinking in such a manner that it causes difficulties in his life.

That alone is more than enough reason for you to seek help with this.

In conclusion, if his drinking is that much of a problem, then he probably is an alcoholic.

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