Insomnia reasons

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Psycho-social stress. For example, this happens due to excessive anxiety about money and work, illness of children and loved ones. When crises occur in your personal life and you conduct an internal dialogue, bringing to perfection what you did not do in reality.

Depression of a different nature, a state of blues and anxiety.

Insomnia reasons

Increased brain activity and emotional overexcitement, both positive and negative. This often happens during sessions, before and after important business meetings, before travel and holidays, during periods of intense activity and multitasking. elderly age;

Discomfort, both mental and physical, the influence of extraneous sounds, light, noise. Darkness is one of the main conditions under which the sleep hormone melatonin is produced in sufficient quantities. The slightest lighting, TV or phone monitor before bed can affect the quality of melatonin production and disrupt sleep. Often the cause of poor sleep can be the discomfort caused by bedding – an uncomfortable pillow, too hard, too soft, uneven mattress. In this case, solving the problem becomes less problematic;

Non-compliance with the daily regimen and biorhythms. For example, a shift work schedule, frequent time zone changes. This often happens with ordinary night owls, the so-called “owls”, whose peak of activity occurs in the afternoon and evening. It is difficult for them to go to bed on time, it is difficult for them to fall asleep and wake up at the appointed early hour, because a lot of time, energy and effort was spent trying to sleep;

Alcohol and caffeinated drinks. They also cause sleep disturbances. Especially if the drinking of such drinks was in the evening. Needless to say, how bad they are for healthy sleep. Alcohol is in vain considered by some to be a sedative and hypnotic. While it can actually make it easier to fall asleep, the quality of sleep will be significantly affected. This is because alcohol inhibits REM sleep. The one during which the body’s forces are restored, when we see dreams and our brain organizes the information received. In addition, alcohol and caffeine can exert stress on the cardiovascular system, provoke snoring and respiratory arrest during sleep (apnea), which act like a time bomb on the body, provoking both mental and functional disorders;

Insomnia reasons

Apnea is a breathing disorder that can occur under the influence of substances, or due to the structural features of the nasopharynx, when obstacles appear in the air path in the form of a sticky palate and uvula, a deviated nasal septum, adenoids, cysts, allergies or a runny nose.
Taking drugs (sympathomimetics, anorectic drugs), drugs. Carefully read the instructions for any medication you are taking. Anxiety can be one of the side effects. It is for this reason that drugs such as echinacea, ginseng and many other adaptogens are not recommended to be consumed in the afternoon, but to do so in the morning until lunchtime.
Diseases and Disorders. Infectious and colds, fever, itching of the skin and pain of various locations and origins;

Endocrine diseases, accompanied by hypoglycemia, frequent urination, dry mouth. Do you put a glass of water before bed? Waking up for a drink or feeling hungry? It’s time to change something;

Neurological diseases such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, neurosis or schizophrenia.