Dr. Denis Slinkin
December 2, 2020 0 Comments

Alcoholism is a rather serious disease that occurs due to the frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages, resulting in a strong addiction.

According to Dr. Denis Slinkin, it belongs to a type of drug addiction, as alcohol acts literally like a drug on the CNS.

Due to the long use of alcohol-containing beverages in the human body gradually begins its development irreversible changes, which often lead to death. 

alcoholism and its consequences

The problem of alcoholism has recently caused a lot of anxiety on the part of doctors. Every year, the number of “sick people” only increases.

The treatment of any disease, as you know, is the doctor. In this case it is necessary to address for the qualified help to the psychiatrist-narcologist, as alcoholism provokes development of serious mental and physical changes in an organism.

As practice shows, it is possible to cope with this disease independently in exceptional cases. However, timely access to the appropriate doctor allows not only to restore health, but also to eliminate existing addiction, says Dr. Denis Slinkin.

The main reasons

Dr. Denis Slinkin

According to Dr. Denis Slinkin, all causes of alcoholism can be conventionally divided into three categories. Physiological factors. Psychological factors.

Social factors. One of the main points is considered to be the presence of a predisposition to alcoholism at the genetic level, which arises from a mutation in the genes.

Due to such changes in chromosomes, the rate of disease development increases several times. Taking into account the fact that the disease is being diagnosed more and more recently, the probability of birth of children with already existing predispositions increases several times.

However, the presence of genetic predisposition still does not provide a 100% guarantee that the child will subsequently suffer from alcoholism. Education and social status are of particular importance in this matter.