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Addiction Treatment - Frequently Asked Questions

Help for People in Need -Frequently asked questions

Where to begin with addiction treatment?

Before a problem can be treated effectively, it must be recognized. Until a person can admit that they have a drug problem, the best treatment in the world aren't going to be that much help tothem.

How well do addiction treatment centers work?

There is no cure for chemical addiction. Steer clear of any centers that claim to provide a “cure." A legitimate treatment center will help a patient realize that arresting addiction is a lifelong process.

Can't the same result be had by just cutting off supply of the drug?

Qualified addiction treatment centers possess resources not readily available to patients at home. Inaddition to a staff trained in the proper procedures and a patient's likely reactions to them, a center also has access to drugs like Suboxone or Subutex, which can greatly reduce or even eliminate physical withdrawal symptoms.

How do I know if I need treatment?

The first step in any center's plan will always be an assessment. Both the patients’level of dependence and their ability to control it must be gauged before effective treatment can begin.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Although a doctor is not needed at all times for effective therapy, there should always be medical professionals standing by. Every patient is unique in both their disease and their reaction to its treatment.

Once I'm clean, am I okay?

You have to understand that these are not just places to wean foreign substances from the system. Any effective treatment plan must include education of the patient as to the nature of their problem and the means to control it after leaving the center.

Will it work the first time?

The success rate depends greatly on the individual patient. Many patients are able to control their addiction after a single course of treatment. Most centers also include programs designed to reduce the risk of relapse, using techniques including education, chemical analysis, and follow up visits.

How do I know if this is necessary?

Addiction is not always as easily recognizable as portrayed in TV and movies. Any substance or habit that a person continues to indulge in after it has already adversely affected their life can be considered an addiction. The first step is always to recognize the nature of the addiction.

How do I choose where to go?

Many centers specialize in one form or another of addiction. Some treat only substance abuse problems; some treat all addictive behavior. Try to find a center that will work with your lifestyle and within your resources.

Will my family need to know?

Conquering addiction is a difficult prospect under the best of conditions. Centers will protect your privacy if asked to, but never underestimate the importance of your family's support.

Addiction to substances, sex, and gambling has reached near epidemic proportions in the United States. If you or someone you care about is caught in addiction's trap, get help as soon as you can.

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