6 tips for agoraphobia sufferers, or How to get out and not go crazy

September 6, 2021 0 Comments

Fear of open spaces or crowds is agoraphobia. According to statistics, anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders. Some specialists use this drug to treat them: https://pillintrip.com/medicine/xanax-retard. So why do some people in public places feel like a fish in water, while others become hostages of their own apartment?

What is agoraphobia and what are its causes
In the modern world, a huge number of people live in large metropolitan areas. Sometimes cities become like anthills, where all its inhabitants run somewhere, in a hurry, are busy with something. With the advent of steam locomotives, steamships, airplanes, travel and any transfers from one place to another are commonplace and do not surprise anyone.

Thus, overpopulation of certain regions and excessive urbanization are powerful stress factors for the development of mental disorders. We are talking specifically about neurotic disorders, where the main trigger factor is in the external world.

Agoraphobia, what is it and is uncomfortable feeling in public places just this disorder? These are the questions that patients ask me, frightened by the reaction of their bodies to being in an open area, in a crowd of people.

Fear of open space, or agoraphobia, is a mental disorder that falls into the category of neurotic disorders. But in combination, this symptom can be included in the clinical picture of diseases such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, depression, panic disorder.
Trigger mechanism
What is agoraphobia and is it possible to effectively treat it? The answer remains ambiguous. At the moment, this pathology is considered not only as a fear of open spaces, but also as a fear of a crowd, a crowd of people, which arises unconsciously. Thus, it is not the place itself that is important, but the negative stimuli that trigger a cascade of negative mental and somatic reactions in response to these stimuli.

Initially, the trigger could be quite real: you could find yourself in a crowd frightened by an explosion, escape from negative people, crowds of people in an enclosed space, be in a situation that is really dangerous to health and life. The human psyche tends to remember negative life experiences more than positive ones.

Immediate Causes of Agoraphobia
The causes of agoraphobia, like any other neurotic disorder, are extensive and multifaceted. They are a combination of many factors.

A separate role belongs to heredity. This applies to persons in the family who have had cases of mental disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicides, depression. As a rule, anxiety in this contingent of persons has been increased since childhood.
Organic disorders of the nervous system. Violations in this case can be the result of alcohol, drugs, toxins, infectious diseases (encephalitis, meningitis, syphilis). The number of cases of cerebrovascular accident and neoplasms of the brain is growing every year.
Traumatic circumstances in most cases are responsible for the development of agoraphobia. Irrational fear of a crowd or open space can arise after being in the hotbed of a military conflict, a terrorist attack, an attack on the street, or traffic accidents.